Your Pharmacist's Role

Building a relationship with your Medlandia Pharmacists enables them to have a better understanding of your health-related issues and thus be able to make critical decisions regarding renewing and adapting your medications.
Since 2009, using their professional judgement, pharmacists are able to renew or adapt existing prescriptions if they feel it’s it’s the best interest of the patient’s care.
Your pharmacist is an integral and accessible member of your health-care team. They are hear to make sure you get the most benefit from your medication. They can also help you with over-the-counter products, supplement advice, and health challenges such as losing weight and smoking cessation.

When using their professional judgment, your pharmacist must consider the following:

  • Do they have the original prescription and is the prescription still valid?
  • Do they have sufficient information about you and your health status?
  • Is renewing or adapting your prescription in your best interest, and have you given your consent?
If a pharmacist is comfortable with all of the above they may renew or adapt your prescription, document their decision, and notify your doctor. Talk to your local Medlandia pharmacists about prescription adaptation.
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