Smoking Cessation

Your Medlandia Pharmacists can provide helpful advice on smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapy. Understanding smoking triggers, developing coping strategies, and having realistic expectations, are important steps in smoking cessation.

B.C. Smoking Cessation Program

The B.C. government will help pay for the smoking cessation non-prescription and prescription medications Every calendar year, eligible BC residents can obtain a 12 weeks supply of nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum at no cost. Talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist to see if nicotine replacement therapy is right for you, then call 8-1-1 (B.C.’s health information phone number) and ask to speak to a QuitNow CareCoach. Your CareCoach will provide you with an authorization number for your supply of smoking cessation mediation, then visit Medlandia Pharmacy to pick up your 1st course of nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum.
The B.C. government may also pay for smoking cessation prescription medications. Just visit your Doctor for a prescription and then have it filled at Medlandia Pharmacy.
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